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USC's Josh Shaw -- HERO STORY IS A LIE ... Suspended From Team

3:59 PM PT -- There are rumblings that Josh Shaw concocted the story to distract attention from a domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend. But TMZ Sports spoke with Shaw's attorney Donald Etra and he is adamant, "There is absolutely NO…

Laird Hamilton -- RESCUES MALIBU SURFER ... No Lies Involved

Stop us if you've heard this one before -- a man risks serious injury to rescue a swimmer in distress ... only this time the story wasn't made up ... and the hero is the REAL DEAL. It all went down Wednesday afternoon in Malibu -- where surfers…

Suge Knight -- Released From the Hospital ... Nursing Gunshot Wounds at Home

Suge Knight left an L.A. hospital early Wednesday ... just 3 days after taking SIX gunshots to the gut at a pre-VMA party -- and he's healing amazingly well.Suge's rep tells TMZ ... the music mogul left Cedars-Sinai around 6 AM, and doctors say…

Coach Bobby Bowden -- MARRIAGE EXPERT ... Here's Some Advice ...

He knows football. He knows winning ... and Coach Bobby Bowden also knows MARRIAGE -- which is why our photog listened up when the guy gave him relationship advice RIGHT ON THE STREET. The college football legend -- who just released a new book…

USC Coach Steve Sarkisian -- Josh Shaw Probe Outta My Hands!

Sometimes crap does roll uphill. USC's head coach says he's washing his hands clean of the Josh Shaw mess, telling reporters he's leaving it all to his bosses. Steve Sarkisian held a news conference this morning and said, "In this day and age…

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