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Sugar Bear & Uncle Poodle -- We're Getting Screwed Because of Mama June

Sugar Bear and Uncle Poodle say they're getting screwed over by the cancellation of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," because they haven't been paid a cent for an entire season that's in the can.Sources connected with TMZ tell us ... Sugar Bear…

Famous Haunted House -- Girl Exorcised After Demonic Invasion

A girl's family claims she became possessed by demons after visiting a house owned by "Ghost Adventures" star Zak Bagans ... and she had to be exorcised.The house has had documented incidents of paranormal activity. As we first reported…

Michael Jordan -- Wrong About Obama's Golf Game ... Not That 'Sh**ty'

Michael Jordan is dead wrong about Barack Obama's golf game ... with several sources telling TMZ Sports that the top man's skills are far better that the "sh**ty" rating MJ gave him.His Airness spewed the trash-talk during an interview with Ahmad…

Amanda Bynes -- RELEASED From Mental Facility ... Roaming Sunset Strip

Amanda Bynes has been released from the psychiatric facility where she's been held for more than 2 weeks and was roaming the Sunset Strip Thursday night ... TMZ has learned.Sources familiar with Amanda's treatment tell TMZ ... she went before a…

'Ray Donovan' Star -- I Need A Fixer To Take Care of 2 Chicks

Vinessa Shaw could use a "fixer" like Ray Donovan to get her out of her current mess ... she's being sued for allegedly running down two women with her car.   According to court docs, the "Ray Donovan" actress was driving in Hollywood when…

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