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Instagram's Biggest Playboy Dan Bilzerian Throws Porn Star Off Roof [VIDEO]

"Instagram's Biggest Playboy" can add Instagram's biggest dumbass to his resume -- the guy threw a FULLY NAKED porn star off the roof of a Hollywood Hills mansion into a pool ... breaking her foot in the process ... and it was all caught on tape.Dan…

Nic Cage's Ex-GF Christina Fulton -- Yeah, I Stiffed My Landlord ... The House Was Crawling With Mold

Nic Cage's ex claims her rental house is infested with toxic black mold that makes her sick -- and tells TMZ that's why she stopped paying rent ... and got slapped with an eviction notice. We broke the story ... Christina Fulton and her…

Justin Bieber Held Up at LAX Customs -- More Legal Troubles

6:22 PM PT -- Stand down Beliebers. Justin just walked out of the terminal and jumped in his infamous party van without saying a word. Justin Bieber's return to the United States just hit a snag at the airport -- he's being held up at customs, and…

Yong Wang Prison Sentence -- Child Pornographer Gets 17 Years in Prison (& New Nickname)

A Chinese citizen living in New York -- who just got the book thrown at him for operating child porn websites -- has the worst (or most appropriate) name for someone in his line of criminal work -- Yong Wang.  Wang was sentenced today in U.S.…

Jodie Foster After Marriage To Ellen DeGeneres' Ex -- Left Holding the Bags

Wearing her brand new wedding ring and cuffed jeans, Jodie Foster was photographed for the first time as a married woman Thursday in Santa Monica -- carrying some serious baggage.As we reported, Foster and her photographer girlfriend, Alexandra…

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