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Eric the Actor DEAD -- Howard Stern Wack Packer Dies at 39

"Howard Stern Show" wack packer Eric "The Actor" Lynch has died at 39 ... TMZ has learned.Eric's longtime manager Johnny Fratto tells us Lynch was rushed to a hospital in Sacramento Saturday after he started having heart problems ... and we're told…

Amber Heard -- Hackers Release Topless Message to Johnny Depp

Amber Heard has been hit by the celebrity hackers hard ... with tons of her pics appearing to have leaked online -- including one topless photo that features a message to Johnny Depp.Over 50 topless pictures were posted onto 4chan/Reddit from Amber…

'Ink Master' Judge Chris Nunez ARRESTED For DUI

"Ink Master" judge Chris Nunez was arrested Saturday in Florida ... after he got busted for driving under the influence.The Spike TV star got pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign ... and he was eventually hauled off to jail for DUI --…

Ray Rice -- Will Reportedly Claim TMZ Edited Tape ... Dumbest Defense Ever

Ray Rice will reportedly argue that TMZ Sports edited the "inside the elevator" video ... thereby altering what really happened that night. He's right. We did edit the video ... and we made that point crystal clear in our original post -- the same…

Honey Boo Boo -- Single Dad Day

Honey Boo Boo is handling her parents break up by gripping a paintball gun and spending the day with newly single dad Sugar Bear.HBB and her pops hit up a local paintball park with Pumpkin and Chubbs Saturday. Mama June was noticeably…

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