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Amy Van Dyken -- Peddling a Stationary Bike ... ON HER OWN!

U.S. Olympic hero Amy Van Dyken is once again making huge progress -- she's moved from walking with the help of robotic legs ... to peddling a stationary bike all on her own. The gold medal winning swimmer was unable to move her legs after severing…

Tyrese -- Blasts Comedian ... You're Done in This Town!

Tyrese went nuclear on the comedian who dared to drop some ridiculous casting couch accusations -- and safe to say, the comedian will NOT be laughing at this videotaped response ... but you will ... 'cause it's awesome. The…

'The Simpsons' -- Accused of Mob Hit ... Yous Guys Stole My Identity

"The Simpsons" pulled off a major heist when the mafioso character Louie rolled into Springfield -- and now a "Goodfellas" star wants a cut of the action.Frank Sivero played Frankie Carbone in the classic 1990 film ... and says "The Simpsons"…

Palin Family Brawl (AUDIO!) -- Bristol: He Called Me A C**t and A Slut!

Bristol Palin hysterically told cops during the epic drunken Palin family brawl in Alaska last month ... that some guy knocked her down and called her a f**king c**t.Bristol's conversation with cops outside the party near Anchorage was recorded by…

Kesha Swore Under Oath Dr. Luke Did NOT Sexually Assault Her

Kesha admitted Dr. Luke did NOT drug her, did NOT sexually assault her, did NOT have sexual relations with her ... and she swore all of it under oath, which contradicts her lawsuit.Kesha has accused Dr. Luke of a variety of misdeeds in her lawsuit,…

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