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Usain Bolt -- At Least One Athlete's Getting Paid at USC

The Usain Bolt world tour has touched down in South Central ... with the fastest man on the planet hitting the track at USC -- but unlike the other athletes on the field, Bolt was getting paid to be there.  We're told Bolt was shooting a…

Stevie Wonder -- I Just Called to Say I Dumped You ... Divorce Final

Stevie Wonder is officially divorced from his second wife Kai Millard Morris.  Under the settlement, Stevie has agreed to pay $25,000 a month in child support for their 2 kids ... ages 14 and 10.  Stevie and Kai agreed to joint custody.…

NFL's Aldon Smith Pleads Not Guilty In DUI Hit & Run

Oakland Raiders superstar Aldon Smith is fighting the charges in his DUI case -- pleading not guilty to allegations he smashed his SUV door into another car and then drunkenly drove from the scene.  Aldon was arrested on August 6th -- after…

Epic Moose Battle In Quiet Alaskan Suburb (VIDEO)

Don't bring a Subaru -- or any car for that matter -- to a moose fight. Two rutting moose nearly took out the family car during their duel on Alaska's other frontier ... the suburbs. No driveway is safe, people flee and one moose goes down because…

Beyonce & Jay Z -- Check Out Our New $45 Million Palace

Jay Z and Beyonce got the last laugh after getting notice to leave the house they were renting ... because we've learned they got an even better house. Our sources say Bey and Jay are now renting the $45 million Holmby Hills palace that was…

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