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Dog the Bounty Hunter -- Freeze Mother F***er!!! How Much For Your Pooch?

Dog the Bounty Hunter is so into dogs, he tried to buy one off a fugitive ... while he was kicking in the guy's front door to haul his ass off to jail.  Dog's latest catch, James Hawkins tells TMZ ... DBH arrested him earlier this month at his…

Boxer Jermain Taylor -- I'm No Terrorist ... Pleads Not Guilty In Gun Incident

Boxing superstar Jermain Taylor just appeared in court ... and said he's NOT GUILTY of assault and making terroristic threats at a Martin Luther King Jr. day parade back in January.  As we previously reported, Taylor was arrested in Arkansas…

The Game -- Accused of Unleashing Mike Tyson Fist in a Hollywood Basketbrawl

Well, that didn't take long -- one week after The Game got Mike Tyson tatted on his hand ... he allegedly decked someone so hard during a basketball game ... police were called to the scene.   Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Game…

Brett Ratner Kissing NOT Mariah Carey (PHOTOS)

Hmmmm ...  Don't know what to say about this. Brett Ratner making out with a chick on the same yacht where he was nuzzling Mariah Carey. People on the boat said Brett and Mariah were in full-on couple mode, and we're told both of them…

'Price Is Right' -- 84-Year-Old Sinks Putt ... Wins Car!

Hope Tiger Woods is paying attention ... An 84-year-old woman named Margaret stepped up the stage on "The Price is Right" Friday -- and earned herself a spot to play "Hole In One ... Or Two." Margaret is not a pro golfer ... not even a semi-pro ...…

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